Restaurant Management Help Center

How to access the tool?

Where do I find the tool?

The tool can be found by navigating directly to OR by following the restaurant login on the main website

How do I log in?

Your account executive should have emailed you your login information, if you can’t find it you can: - Reset your password by pressing forgot my password - Using the chat on the website (the red bubble in the bottom right corner) - Reach out to us at (424) 999-5126 to obtain a new password - Reach out to us at to obtain a new password

How do other team members login?

Our account managers are responsible for setting up access for your team members to be able to log in to the restaurant management tool. Please contact us to request people to be added or removed to the list of users. Here are ways to get in touch: - Using the chat on the website (the red bubble in the bottom right corner) - Reach out to us at (424) 999-5126 to obtain a new password - Reach out to us at to obtain a new password

How to use the tool?

It keeps telling me to select an account, what do I do?

Once you login you will see a screen like this. If you are managing multiple brands you will see multiple brands in this interface. To select the one you want to see the orders for click the blue link with the name of the account (in this case FullKitchen) Once you do that the “Choose account” will update to the name of the account you are looking at. You should see a screen like this. Now you can navigate to anywhere in the site to see information about that particular account.

How do I see the orders I have to prepare?

If you haven’t done so already, follow the instructions for selecting an account. In the left menu press “Online Ordering” Press “Bulk Orders” from the dropdown You will now see a screen like this:

What does it mean if the bulk order says "Pending confirmation"?

It means that the order is not finalized yet, more people can continue to add orders to the same bulk order. The order will be finalized a few hours before the cooking time at which point you will receive another notification and you will be able to mark the order to be “Ready for the driver pick up”. At this point you can start tracking as the individual orders are growing inside the bulk order, showing you more and more items that you have to cook.

How do I reject an order

You can also “Reject” the order from the bulk orders page, however please notify us in advance if you are planning on doing so as there are penalties for rejecting the orders. You should only be doing so in extreme situations.

The bulk order says “Be ready by 17:15pm”, what does that mean?

That’s the approximate time by which you have to finish cooking. The final time will be communicated to you after the orders are finalized, because that is when the drivers’ routes are calculated.

I see a bulk order that says "Pending confirmation" what happens next?

When the last minute that people can place an order for that day and meal time comes, the ordering will be closed and you will receive a notification with the orders finalized in the bulk order. Look out for an SMS and Email notification from FullKitchen. Once you receive the notification navigate back to bulk orders and you should see the bulk orders you have to cook marked as “Confirmed”. Here's an example of what you will see: As you can see there’s a button “Ready for driver pick up” that’s available. Please hit the “Ready for driver pickup” button as soon as you are done cooking.

How do I see my past orders?

Completed and rejected orders are both available through the “Completed” tab on the bulk orders page.