Smart Ideas And Quick Tips On How To Promote A Restaurant

Updated: Feb 27

Have you recently launched a restaurant and are wondering how to promote your restaurant business? We’ve got you covered! In this blog we’ll be talking about the best ways to promote your restaurant business in your vicinity.

How to Promote a Restaurant?

Launching and promoting a restaurant involves a lot of work and considerable capital investment. Therefore, it is essential that you apply caution when deciding where to invest your money on how would you like to promote your restaurant?

The best way to advertise a restaurant is one of those areas that can cost you a lot of money if you do not do it intelligently. Fortunately, today, many options will allow you to make your ideal gastronomy known to your ideal clients with a minimum budget.

Do you need examples of “how to advertise my restaurant”? Here you have them.

How to Promote My Restaurant Business? Five Low-Cost Ideas

1. Develop Your Brand

Faced with a level of competition as fierce as you face today, an extraordinary menu is not going to be enough to stand out from the many other restaurants in your town, which also offer the same buzz. Remember:

  • You need a clear and defined brand, with which your client can identify.

  • No, you don't have to invest a lot of money in specialized branding consultants.

  • But you must create a differentiated concept from the beginning.

  • Half measures are not worth it.

  • You need a brand worked, that does not generate confusion.

  • Your brand is going to be your best promotion, so study it and design it carefully. Based on that brand, you can promote your restaurant in a low-cost way in other areas such as your website, your social platforms, your emails, etc.

A customer who knows that, where there is a brand effort, where there is a clearly defined personality, the experience is usually much more rewarding.

2. Know Your Customers

You may be wondering what does your client's personality or preferences have to do with the local restaurant marketing? And the answer is a lot. That brand that you have defined so carefully will serve to sell better to a type of audience, particular. We repeat, very concrete.

Thinking that your restaurant has no borders, and you will attract all kinds of customers, and this will lead you to make a series of significant mistakes and starting with the fact that your marketing budget is going to multiply by N times. That is, you will have to invest in how to advertise a restaurant and brand campaigns to attract people.

On the other hand, you have to be very precise. You have to know your target market very thoroughly, psychoanalyze it, and speak its language. Any other type of approach will make you lose money.

The knowledge of knowing the interest of your ideal client is, in itself, a way to promote your restaurant, since, that same client will not only return to your place always but also going to talk about you to many other potential customers who share similar gastronomic interests.

3. Organize Events For Your Local Community

Activities such as live shows, tastings, themed parties, etc., are a great way to generate interest in your community and show what you can offer at the level of gastronomy, service, and atmosphere. And if you want to expand the impact of your events, you can invite local media and / or specialized bloggers through personalized invitations.

If the experience is positive, they will dedicate an article in their respective publications. And, without a doubt, this will contribute to generating interest among their readers and "converting" them into your clients.

4. Attract With Email Marketing Campaigns

Many are unaware of the advantages of email marketing, but we want to remind you that this tool allows you to communicate with your client very effectively with minimal investment. The first thing you should keep in mind is the following:

You should never send a message to someone who has not voluntarily shared their data since you will be qualified as spam.

How do you get the email addresses and the consent of your customers to be contacted? You have many options, from offering a digital product or discount on your website in exchange for your subscription, to requesting the email address in exchange for a cover! Why not?

5. Use The Power Of Social Media Networks

What can we say about the social networks that you already know more than us? Wouldn’t it be a shame if you did not use these tools so cheap and effective to promote your restaurant?

  • Facebook Ads, for example, allows you to reach a vast audience and, thanks to social segmentation, practical results, with a very tight budget (compared to other advertising modalities).

  • The most visual platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest are ideal for sharing with your customers what is cooked in the kitchen, and all that action and energy of the service that fascinates them so much.

Therefore, we recommend you always have a Smartphone and share your news at all times. You will see that it works well and for a minimum investment.

How To Market A Restaurant?

The catering sector is one of the most active in our country. Also, it is expected in the short and medium-term that the growth expectations of the business continue to be favorable. There are specific trends in the hospitality sector that can give us ideas of the present and future in this type of business. One of the new options that attract customers is through the gastronomic experience. Another first preference is health care, trying to respect the nature of the food to the fullest.

As regards ingredients, flavors, and dishes, products tend to convey the credibility of the experience. Besides, the preparation and presentation of food, in addition to the setting of the premises, acquires greater relevance.

We must also bear in mind that digital evolution will bring many challenges and great opportunities. Therefore, adapting to the environment and knowing the customer experience in the digital era will be fundamental strategies based on UX strategies, content, and customer service.

How To Advertise A Restaurant?

It’s time to focus on how to launch an advertising campaign for restaurants. Here we give you marketing ideas to promote and advertise your bar/restaurant and to carry out effective multichannel marketing strategies. To do this, you must ask yourself a series of questions that will help you design your advertising plan.

  • Is Your Business Local, Or Do You Have Franchises Nationwide?

Based on this, you should consider the scope of the advertising actions for your restaurant and the optimal channels to reach your audience.

  • Who Are Your Competitors?

Meet your direct rivals and, of course, take as a reference to the best practices of other companies and adapt them to your own company, including improvements.

  • Are You Up To Date With All The News In The Gastronomic And Catering Sector?

It is essential to be updated on all the knowledge of the sector so as not to lose the latest news that may be more interesting for your target audience.

  • Do You Know All Your Customers?

Today, the entire population has a great gastronomic offer at their disposal, and it is increasingly difficult to attract customers to our business. Therefore, making a segmentation of the public and deciding who our ideal client is will help us reach a higher number of people interested in our restaurant.

The idea is to focus all marketing actions towards a specific customer profile; in this way, it will be much easier to attract and retain it. Knowing who your customer prototype is, you can adapt to different aspects of your restaurant, such as the menu of your restaurant, prices, the realization, or planning of events or activities.

To start defining your customer profile, you can start by knowing who he is, what his goals and motivations are, and how you can help him meet his consumption needs.

  • What Kind Of Marketing Can Attract Customers To Your Restaurant?

Now that you know who the type of customer you have in your restaurant and what audience you want to attract, it is time to think about how you are going to attract it, with what tools and what digital marketing strategies you wish to follow.

Thanks to digital marketing, you can carry out multiple actions. For this reason we recommend that you look for multichannel advertising actions that are easy to devise, manage, measure and control. Below we offer a series of tips to promote and strengthen the image of your restaurant. Restaurant owners likely have doubts when it comes to devising new ways to attract the public to their business or to publicize their brand. After all, they don't have to be marketing professionals, although the solution could be simpler than they imagine.

5 Tips From 5 Successful Restaurants On How To Market A Restaurant?

1. Be Generous, It Always Works

Nando’s Peri-Peri restaurant, a fast-food chain in South America, managed to gain a foothold in the market thanks to its generosity. For some time, it let the public pay as per their and subsequently donated the money to a charity.

2. Use Technology In Your Digital Mobile Marketing Promotions

McDonald´s is a company that has understood this very well, and therefore always offers coupons or discounts that imply a new interaction with its customers.

3. Reward Customer Loyalty With Discounts And Offers

Another very successful campaign and that is available to any restaurant is the one launched by Burger 21 with a mobile app that allowed members of its Faithful Customer Club to get a free cheeseburger on National Cheese Burger Day.

4. Use Technology To Customize

If a restaurant gets its customers to register on its website to place orders, you can get a lot of information about them and use it to offer promotions or personalized discounts. For example, the Brasa Y Lena restaurant in Brazil invited everyone to eat on their birthday, who came along with more than three friends.

5. Create Attractive Content That Identifies You With Your Client

The Buffalo Wild Wing restaurant began promoting young athletes on its internal television network, B-Dubs TV, asking them to send videos with amazing plays or stunts. In this way, get the young and sporting public to identify with your brand. It is a strategy similar to the one followed by the Redbull energy drink brand, which promotes extreme sporting events. Today, the image of Redbull is closely linked to that of sports such as motocross or skateboarding.