How to Optimize Your Restaurant for Online Advertising

Updated: Feb 27

One of the most important things a restaurant needs to do before launching an online advertising campaign is to make sure it has a way of tracking results. After all, if you can’t clearly attribute a new (or returning) customer to an advertising campaign, how can you accurately calculate the return on your advertising investment?

Each restaurant will require a slightly different set-up depending on its business model. For example, a brick-and-mortar restaurant that attracts dine-in customers may have more difficultly measuring the efficacy of its online advertising campaigns, as it is more difficult (though not impossible) to pinpoint how exactly that customer has been acquired. However, a restaurant that operates on a delivery-heavy model will be able to more effectively measure the results of its online advertising, as clicks can be traced from a point of origin to a third party ordering page. A customer’s journey to ordering can be clearly mapped and then, with certain integrations, followed throughout the entire lifetime.

In order to track the results of an online advertising campaign, a restaurant first needs a website that allows it to track an advertisement to conversion. This can be done by integrating Google Analytics, Pixel Helper, and Tag Assistant into your website. These tools will allow attribution of an ad to a new customer as well as reveal the customer’s cost of acquisition. Additionally, phone orders can be tracked by connecting a dedicated phone line to the ad.

Once these upgrades are integrated, FullKitchen can help you set up and manage digital advertisements (which we place according to geolocation and proximity to your restaurant and time of day) across the most vital platforms for acquiring customers.

Any order placed to your restaurant should be sent to your POS system and/or CRM, thereby allowing any future order from that customer to be attributed to that customer. If that customer returns five times over the next year because of a single ad, you should be able to attribute that entire revenue gain to the success of your initial advertisement.

BrainPickings: Stay tuned for reengagement strategy ideas to keep your customers returning!